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Constructed using only premium materials, Elite fish houses are bringing quality to the fish house industry.

Durable Exteriors

Quality materials are used to ensure you stay comfortable inside while mother nature rages outside.

Detailed Interiors

All interiors are fully customizable and are designed to meet your needs. Whether you are an all inclusive fisherman or just like the bare bones for that early ice, Elite can build it for you.

Designed just for You

Everything from satellite TV to electric wheel lift systems. We can do it.

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Elite fish houses are built by Industrial Design & Manufacturing, a family owned company. We decided to enter the fish house industry after 5 years of research, design, and engineering of the ultimate all aluminum framed fish house.

Call us at (800) 566-1950 and make an appointment to tour our facility.

"I'm an avid fisherman and wanted a premium fish house for myself. After searching and not finding the quality I was expecting, I decided to design and build my own."
Fred Sanchez, Owner